Mehmet KoçAttorney, lecturer

Mehmet Koç, graduated from the Law Faculty of Istanbul University, is a member of Istanbul Bar and Turkish Bar Associations. After completing his undergraduate study, Koç worked in national and international law firms which are specialized in areas of commercial, energy and information technology law. He succeeded his master’s degree in Institute of European Union in Marmara University with his “Special Situations in Commercial Agent’s Goodwill Indemnity Claim; A Comparative Review with Turkish and European Union Law” titled thesis.

As a part time lecturer in Ozyegin University, who gives lectures to graduate students on “Energy and Regulation” and “Renewable Energy Law”, Koç, is also trying to draw attention to Energy Efficiency Law in variety of domains.

Koç, with excellent command of English, has worked in many projects on Energy Law, Personal Data Protection Law, Information Technology Law, Agency Law, Commercial and Corporate Law. He has managed variety of compliance project and specialized particularly in areas of Energy, Defense Industry, Foreign Trade, Media and Information Technologies on sectoral basis.

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