Disputes, Litigation and Arbitration

The ambition of LEGE’s Disputes, Litigation & Arbitration department is to provide support to the clients in any disputes or crises they become involved in, with a single aim: offering a creative, independent and responsible solution that enables the dispute or the crisis situation to be resolved.

The department provides assistance and representation to our clients:
• Alternative dispute resolution
• Assertion of claims to antitrust
• Avoidance of resignations and layoffs
• Before most Turkish courts and authorities
• Criminal litigation
• Defense against hostile company takeovers
• Disputes between shareholders, or regarding issues of directors’ or officers’ liability
• Enforcement proceedings, execution
• In court or in the context of alternative dispute resolution proceedings chosen by the parties (arbitration, mediation, conciliation, etc.)
• In pre-litigation and litigation matters
• Insolvency related litigation
• Interim legal protection
• Rescission after contract cancellation
• Litigation
• Post-acquisition disputes
• Representation in litigation and domestic and international arbitration
proceedings, administrative procedures
• Receivables from delivery and service relationships and debt collection

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